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Age-Defying Face Yoga Program is carefully designed for 30+ age group . It is a herbal, non-invasive technique to rejuvenating the face thru facial exercises, stretches, and massage strategies. It's a remedy software designed to tone facial muscular tissues, boom circulation, and promote collagen manufacturing for a greater youthful look. Who Can Participate: This application is right for people aged 30 and above, irrespective of gender, who need to fight signs of growing old which includes wrinkles, great traces, sagging skin, and lack of firmness. It's suitable for all people looking for a holistic, drug-unfastened method to enhance their facial appearance. What to Expect: Facial Workouts: Think of it as a health club consultation to your face! Specific physical games goal muscular tissues, decreasing wrinkles and improving firmness. Relaxing Massage Techniques: Gentle massages boost blood float, selling a radiant complexion and easing anxiety traces. Zen Vibes: Incorporating calming techniques, like respiration sports, to reduce pressure, that could mirror undoubtedly to your face. The program objectives are to improve facial muscle tone, decrease first-rate lines, promote a more lifted appearance, and enhance general facial power. It's a natural manner to beautify one's look and sell a feel of self-belief through a healthier, rejuvenated appearance. JOIN LIVE SESSION ⭐️ Live sessions ( 3 days a week ) ⭐️ Research and evidence-based specialized age-defying yoga therapy, Yogic mudra, and acupressure points to retain youth and boost collagen production. ⭐️ Holistic approach and specialised face massage to lift skin naturally, preventing existing fine lines and wrinkles. ⭐️ Best-proven Ayurvedic method & tips to take care of your skin

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3000,00 INR


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