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Behavioural Fat-loss live session!

  • 30días
behavioral weight loss program


Who Can Join: Anyone seeking to shed some pounds and lead a more fit lifestyle can take part in this program. It's open to all ages and backgrounds. What to Expect: Think of it as your tailored Fat reduction adventure! You'll study healthful consumption, set achievable dreams, and find out clever methods to exchange your habits. You'll get guidance from professionals who'll guide you, tune your progress, and help you make lasting changes in the way you consume and exercise. In a nutshell, it's now not pretty much dropping weight speedy; it is approximately growing behaviour that sticks for a more fit you in the end! ⭐️ Daily LIVE SESSION ⭐️ Lifestyle consultation ⭐️ Experience a different Workout Everyday ⭐️ Class timings - Multiple batches available, feel free to DM. ⭐️ Daily Fat Loss Shots recipe ebook post purchase ⭐️ Ayurvedic consultation ⭐️ Customised Ayurvedic diet with recipes based on Prakriti.

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3000,00 INR


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