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Sitall Tripathy

The journey

My wellness journey

began during my time working in the paced IT industry. Taking a break from the grind I found solace and inspiration in the realm of yoga, where I discovered myself.

As I delved deeper

into the practice of yoga I decided to pursue teacher training certification while still working in IT. This immersion into yoga philosophy triggered a change within me motivating me to shift gears from the world and embrace a more purpose-driven path.

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Empowering Individuals

For over 8 years, it has been my privilege to guide individuals on their wellness journeys. One memorable story involves a client who faced challenges with PCOD and fertility issues. Through our shared journey she overcame health obstacles. Also experienced the incredible joy of conceiving—a testament to the power of holistic wellness.

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My journey has been

a pursuit of knowledge. It all started with basic yoga Certification to advanced yoga then exploring fitness Industry over 7 years and later I added  Ayurveda nutrition and advanced clinical nutrition  and Acupressure to my expertise   and mindset coaching I have integrated expertise into an approach to promoting well-being.


A Turning Point

the  transformation within myself commenced during a period when I sought solace by immersing myself in a Yogashala for more than a  month. This transformative experience has been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery inspiring me to delve into the world of holistic well-being.

Making a Difference

in the Community,  I have actively worked towards creating change by encouraging shifts, in mindset helping people develop healthy habits and empowering individuals to overcome challenges that hinder their personal growth.

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My Future Vision

I aim to empower individuals by overcoming limiting beliefs, achieving their goals, and cultivating resilient mindsets. I'm committed to impacting 100,000 lives with proven strategies and techniques.

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MY Mission

Coaching that You Will Love


Empowering through Education

Using different means of communication in disseminating useful information on how a person can stay fit, do yoga, nutrition and the transformation of the mindset.


Community Building

 Enhance creation of a supportive community where people would be sharing experience about healthy living.


Personalized Guidance

Customized programs that fit specific personal requirements and promote long-term lifestyle modifications.


Advocacy for Holistic Well-being

Promoting a whole health approach that includes exercise for physical fitness, sound mental attitude as well as balanced nutrition.

Let us embark in this revolutionary path to a vivid, healthy and fulfilled existence together.

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